Capt. Grussh

Captain of the DP20 Frigate


Race: Trandoshan
Class: Soldier 1/Noble 5

Str 16 +3
Dex 10
Con 10
Int 13 +1
Wis 10
Cha 16 +3

HP: 51
Refl: 18
Fort: 18
Will: 18


vibro-axe; 7 2d106
Blaster pistol, heavy; 4 3d83

Trained Skills

Deception +11
Knowledge (Tactics) +9
Perception +8
Persuasion +16


Armor Proficiency (light, medium)
Weapon Proficiency (pistols, rifles, simple weapons, advanced melee)
Mighty swing
Improved damage threshold
Powerful charge
Skill focus (persuasion)


Tough as nails: Catch second wind one extra time per day.
Born Leader: swift; all allies within LoS +1 attack rolls until the end of the encounter or LoS is lost.
Coordinate: Standard; all allies within LoS +1 when using aid another until the start of your next turn.
Trust: Give up your standard to allow one ally within LoS to take an extra standard or move on his turn.

Special: Darkvision, Regenerate limbs (1d10 days), +1 nat armor bonus to reflex


Captain Grussh is a seasoned Techno Union officer who saw action during several battles with a rebel sect of Geonosians called the Bloodwing. The Bloodwing was manufacturing and selling battle droids to the Unamo Coalition. Tensions between the Techno Union and the Unamo Coalition were already high, so the Techno union officials deemed it necessary to shut down the Bloodwing’s operation.

Grussh was commanding an artillery bombardment of a Bloodwing factory while his unit was flanked by Geonosian warriors. It was said that Grussh killed a dozen Geonosian’s in melee combat with only his left arm. However, his right arm was missing after combat, so he may have had two arms at some point during the battle.

Grussh was appointed Captain of the DP20 Frigate after his recovery. Although the attack against the Bloodwing was successful, the costs were high. Capt. Grussh was… changed… after the battle, and he was ordered to patrol the borderworlds.

Capt. Grussh

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